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Is your business name/logo protected by the Intellectual Property Office UK? Would you know what to do if someone stole your business name or logo? Do you have any idea how much it costs to register a trademark in the UK? If your answer to these 3 questions is NO, please read on! 🧐

This week, a fellow VA explained how someone had copied her business name. She was clearly devastated and had experienced financial and emotional loss as a result of this crime. She now also had a battle on her hands! 👎

Legal proceedings - Intellectual Property Office IPO
Legal proceedings….

Trademark™️ – Intellectual Property Office UK

I took action immediately and submitted an online trademark application, staying up until 2 a.m. that night to get it done! I can now use the Trademark symbol ™️ alongside my business name and when I am officially registered, it will revert to ®️

Intellectual Property Office IPO
IPO – Intellectual Property Office


The application process took an hour. The application can take 2 months to process and when the IPO accept my trademark application, they will publish it in the Trade Marks Journal. There is a further 2 month period where anyone may oppose it and if my application is not opposed, it will proceed to registration and I will be sent a certificate. The application cost £170 and now I can sleep like a baby! ✅

Sleep - Intellectual Property Office IPO


I highly recommend making this a priority if you are self-employed. Click here to check if you can register and then make your application online. You will save £30, it will speed up the process and save paper! ✅

Nirvana - Intellectual Property Office IPO
Nirvana – peace of mind

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