Sarah Jane Brown –Owner, SJB Art Ltd

AAA+++ HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Amanda’s service is outstanding. She’s efficient, organised, knowledgeable, logical and proactive. She’s also very quick to learn new processes and topics, even those that are outside of her already impressive skills set and varied experience. She always brings her ‘A-Game’ so I’m very glad to have found her, and to have her as a big part my small team! I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her services, as I’m really not sure how I ever managed without her.  On top of ALL THAT… She’s a genuine, honest and thoroughly nice person.

Andrew Minty – PGA Director of Golf, PGA Fellow Professional at Langland Bay Golf Club

I have worked with Amanda on numerous occasions. I have always known her to be extremely professional with great ideas and drive to implement them.  Her Golf Management was excellent, very organised, demonstrating both numerical and analytical skills.  I wish Amanda good luck with any venture she embarks on as I know she would give it 100% and make it a success.

Cliff Hogan – International Automotive Industry Sales Training

Amanda is a great person to work with.  Friendly, loyal and open to new ideas and able to motivate all around her. Give her a project and watch as she effectively plans, presents and delivers exactly what you want! The kind of employee every forward-thinking company needs to have in order to succeed.

Andy Street – HR Manager at South Hook LNG Terminal Company

Amanda is a hard-working and dedicated person who has a wide variety of skills and abilities. She is extremely personable and amiable, and this helps her forge excellent working relationships. Ideally, she is suited to a professional and managerial environment.

Roger Thompson – Relton, Europe

As well as being a person of high integrity, personable and exceptionally good value, Amanda is a well-organised person in thought and action, can think outside the box, thrives on pressure and is capable of providing intelligent solutions within budget constraints – highly recommended!

Tristan Teed – Owner Tristan Teed

Amanda is the most meticulous and competent manager I have ever worked with.  Nothing goes astray when she is about, and every deadline is met without fail.  She keeps a hawk-like eye on the balance sheet and is the first port of call for anyone who needs to know what they should be doing or where they should be.  In short, she’s a miracle worker!

Douglas Haig, Vice Chairman – Residential Landlords Association

Amanda had the unenviable job of trying to organise me for the training I required.  From the outset, she quickly understood my particular needs and quite probably saw my weaknesses and helped to mitigate them.  I was impressed at her ability to organise a number of people that were, like me, across a wide geography.  Her highly personable approach always made you relax and you always knew she was on hand if there were any issues.