Social Media strategy development

Social media marketing may seem overwhelming with so many platforms to choose from like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube & LinkedIn to name but a few!  The importance of social media strategy development and social media marketing, however, cannot be overstated and so if you own or run a business and you haven’t started using social media yet please pick one of those platforms I mentioned and get started now! p.s. I can help you!

Here are 7 reasons why social media marketing is so important for your business;

  1. Building Loyalty
  2. Cost-efficient
  3. Creative Advertising
  4. Keep tabs on your competitors
  5. Increasing your Brand Awareness
  6. Increase in traffic
  7. Social Listening Analysis 

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I offer the following social media services;

  • Social Media Strategy Development – executive summary, goals, target audience, competitive analysis, audit, content strategy, analytics (in collaboration with the client)
  • Pages/Accounts – set-up, integration, optimisation and coaching (facebook/instagram/twitter)
  • Scheduling – set-up, integrate, optimisation and coaching (later/hootsuite/buffer)
  • Advertising – social media campaign development, design and delivery (facebook/instagram)

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