What’s your next move?

Are you thinking about your next move where your business is concerned?  Do you feel stuck?  You know you need to DO something but you just don’t know what! Maybe you are out of ideas? 🤔 

If so, here are 3 actionable (simple but not easy) steps that YOU can take to move the needle!  


A marker pen, 3 large pieces of paper & a computer. Please DO NOT use a computer for steps 1 or 2 below. You have to write it down otherwise it won’t work!  #bossyboots #toughlove


I recommend using a *spidergram for Step 1 and 2.  So… find a quiet room and just get on with it, please!  Dig deep and get it all out onto paper – all your ideas, plans, thoughts and brainwaves.  Then prioritise EVERYTHING that you have written down from No 1 to infinity and beyond.  Draw a line through anything that doesn’t need to be there right now or just doesn’t make sense. 

Then and only then circle the No 1 priority that you have identified on that piece of paper and move to the next step.  If it helps, turn the original piece of paper over or stick it in a draw and forget about it for now!  Well done that wasn’t so bad was it?! 🤓

*Sidenote – Google ‘spidergram’ if you’re not sure what it looks like! 🤪 

Using a spidergram to brainstorm business ideas
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On a new piece of paper write down the No 1 priority at the top in capitals. Then identify ALL the key steps you can think of which will make your No 1 priority a reality. They don’t have to be in exact order just get them down on paper and out of your head. 

Once you’ve done that NOW you can prioritise them as you did before by writing a number against each step from No 1 to infinity and beyond!  I know you can do this…keep going and then move to Step 3.  😩

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Start a new piece of paper OR a spreadsheet on your computer and create these columns – what, why, how, who, when. Copy the key steps from your 2nd piece of paper in order of priority into the column titled ‘what’ (then save your work). This is your ACTION PLAN!  Now, this is the hard bit, next to each priority you need to update each of the other columns – why, how, who & when.  Take your time over this it’s important. 

When your ACTION PLAN is ready, save it and I suggest uploading it to the cloud so that you share it centrally with your team (if you have one). Plus you can access it from anywhere when you out and about!  I recommend using a traffic light system so that you can track the status & progress of each priority in your ACTION PLAN.  If your ACTION PLAN is handwritten…that’s ok just fold it up and take it with you EVERYWHERE!!  

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Once you have completed your ACTION PLAN for priority No 1 i.e. each task is complete. Repeat the process from the top for the 2nd priority on your 1st piece of paper…and so on and on and on and on. Unfortunately, like I said in the beginning…simple but not easy! 😳 This should get you un-stuck and moving forward.  If however after completing step 1 and 2 you are still feeling overwhelmed, stuck, out of ideas – maybe you need to ask for some help?! Just saying xx ❤️ 

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