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Focus is a key word for my business in 2019.  Time management is therefore a key priority to ensure I don’t spread myself too thin while trying to achieve a work/life balance!  Music and horses bring me the most joy so I will be prioritising those two things outside of work to ensure I am in the healthiest mindset to achieve my personal and business goals.  Click on the image above to find out more about time management from Everwise on Pinterest.

This is me dressed and ready to go horse riding!


Setting goals and achieving them is different for everybody but for me it means writing it down and setting a target date then celebrating and setting new goals.  I use a tasks app on my phone so that I can check off all the steps I take towards my goals which keeps me focused and on track.  This year I have a big milestone birthday in September so everything is set to be achieved by then – only 9 months to go…so wish me luck!

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I currently use Google Calendar for scheduling and use it to block out time for work and personal commitments.  Using reminders keeps me on track and ensures I don’t forget what is important to me.  Personally I would recommend using your smart phone if you have one as you always have that with you and means you won’t forget what you are supposed to be doing next!

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Business Planning

This is essential to ensure the future success of any business.  Having a trusted colleague or friend to bounce ideas around with is useful if you share the same values and can decide what the priorities are!  Having different skills to bring to the table means a fair distribution of effort and you stand a much greater chance of getting things done.  I am very lucky therefore to have the support of my business partner, Ken who is very experienced in his field of expertise primarily websites and Olga who is hugely talented designer.

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Project Management

Using a project management tool is a great way to take scheduling to the next level.  I personally use which is a free tool but there many others including Asana,, Trello, Workflowy.  The key thing to remember is its got to be cost effective, easy to use and does what you need it to do!

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